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We are a well-established private practice that provides child and family friendly physical and occupational therapy services in Northern Virginia. Our two clinics are conveniently located in Falls Church and Herndon in the county of Fairfax, VA. Our goal is to provide the best possible services to children and their families.

We offer a wide range of classes and services including:

  • A comprehensive approach geared specifically towards your child's therapeutic success.
  • Provide a total therapy environment designed specifically for the infant, young child or adolescent.
  • Create a supportive atmosphere where parents are active partners in their child's progress.
  • Design individual and group sessions emphasizing hands-on therapy, kid-friendly play and home programs.

Our Philosophy

Children who learn feel good about themselves. Good Beginnings creates a positive environment where successful learning experiences occur. Exploration, experimentation, and social interaction build confidence in every child. Parents provide an appreciative audience for displays of new skills. This combination of professional therapeutic services, plus fun, in a stimulating environment equals the Good Beginnings approach to movement and learning.


We are proud of the results we see from our work with every child at Good Beginnings. Here are just a few comments shared by our families:

  • When we started last March, our daughter had auditory, vestibular and visual processing, as well as small and gross motor skills issues. She had major transition issues, unable to walk straight without reaching for the wall after several steps, she didn't know all the letters and was writing them in all directions... 8 months with our therapists at Good Beginnings later, our daughter walks straight, auditory processing delay is minimized, and she knows all her numbers and letters! The therapists established a unique, most beneficial relationship with our daughter, with an optimal, individualized approach to each and every session. This approach has given these concrete and measurable results for our child!

    - D. Maric

  • My son's occupational therapist has been a tremendous resource to our family. She has helped us to have a better understanding of our son's challenges, and more importantly, has helped empower us as parents with ways that we can better help our son.

    - J. Marcus

  • The phenomenal staff of Good Beginnings has been a blessing to our family. The talented Occupational and Physical Therapists there have provided appropriate therapies and treatments for children; as well as acted as educators and a support system for my husband and I at all times. We would recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Two of our three children have different types of Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID); requiring different treatments. Both kids have benefited immensely from the attentive, knowledgeable, and loving help they’ve received at Good Beginnings. Their therapists are naturals at interacting and understanding each child’s unique personality and specific needs. These professionals are significant people in our children’s lives; they’ve helped make all of our lives happier and easier.

    - C. Danoff

  • Good Beginnings is a warm and loving office. The entire staff is an A+! We have been going to Good Beginnings for more than 3 years and would never think of going anywhere else. My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Her physical therapist is always there for us and is our super hero! Not only does she work with my daughter physically but she encourages my daughter's self esteem. We were having problems at school and our Good Beginning’s therapist stepped in and talked to the school and her doctor and came up with a plan. With a child that has a handicap you need someone on your team that will fight for you and your child. We found that at Good Beginnings.

    - T. Leckner

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If you wish to hear about case-specific results, we would be happy to share with you in accordance with the privacy act. Please give us a call today.

Our Locations

Falls Church (View Larger Map)
6231 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500
Falls Church, VA 22044
Tel: 703.536.1817
Fax: 703.536.5677

Herndon (View Larger Map)
150 Elden Street, Suite 270
Herndon, VA 20170