Constipation is everywhere, or so it seems.  Do a simple google search for “constipation in kids” and there are limitless links. Why?  Because it is very, very prevalent.  The vast research available shows that 25% of children suffer from constipation. That’s 1 of every 4 kids! The odds are a child you know is affected by functional constipation.  The current approach to constipation management tends to be medically based-raise your hand if your child takes Miralax! The many parent groups out there are speaking up to say medical based management is not enough to solve the problem.  Parents are looking for more and not sure where to turn.  Did you know we have specially trained therapists who can help?


We started a continence treatment program 5 years ago due to the increased number of requests for help for children with symptoms including (but not limited to) nighttime bedwetting, daytime urine leaks, accidental fecal soiling, abdominal pain and more.  We dove into the research, participated in advance training and learned that constipation is the common factor in many of these issues.  Solve the constipation problem, and the other problems will improve. Tying to solve the other problems before fixing the constipation led to less successful results. It’s very important to start this as soon as possible as kids do not “outgrow” constipation.  They (and you) deserve to be pain free, poop every day (or at least every other day), and not be burdened with “accidents”.  


How does a pediatric continence program combat constipation?  We complete a detailed evaluation of your whole child, including a posture and muscle examination, neurological and reflex screen, assess functional movement, and determine both regulation and interoception levels. Interoception is the ability to sense the internal state of the body. If this has been disrupted due to previous pain from constipation, a child may not pay attention to signals that it is time to “go”.  This can in turn affect regulation, the ability to manage emotions and engagement in the environment. We additionally gather a detailed medical and developmental history to determine any complicating factors.  We use all of this information combined with our expertise of physiology and child development, and the current medical management techniques to empower you and your family. We used a combined physical therapy and occupational therapy play based approach to achieve the best results.


Ready to get help?  Call our Schedule Team today to schedule the initial appointment for the Good 2 Go Continence Clinic. No child should have to go through pain or shame related to toileting issues. We are ready and eager to help you!