Pediatric physical therapy is a specialty within physical therapy that focuses on babies and children.  There is a wide variety of areas within pediatric PT, all with the common thread that children have different needs than others.  They are not just little adults!  Pediatric PT’s recognize that children's bodies and minds are constantly evolving, requiring specialized care tailored to their unique growth [...]

March 13, 2024|Categories: Pediatric Occupational Therapy|

How to get my kid to like coloring

Why is coloring so important? Coloring is an important skill for children to learn for multiple reasons other than providing beautiful artwork to hang on the fridge. Coloring works on hand strengthening and endurance, hand eye coordination, prewriting readiness, visual attention/scanning/perceptual skills and creativity! Learning to color and try to stay within boundaries is an important first step in [...]

October 12, 2022|Categories: Pediatric Occupational Therapy|

Constipation…is the root of all evil

Constipation is everywhere, or so it seems.  Do a simple google search for “constipation in kids” and there are limitless links. Why?  Because it is very, very prevalent.  The vast research available shows that 25% of children suffer from constipation. That’s 1 of every 4 kids! The odds are a child you know is affected by functional constipation.  The [...]

September 8, 2022|Categories: incontinence, Pediatric Occupational Therapy|

Toe Walking

Why does my child walk on their toes? Is this normal?  Will they grow out of it?  What happens if they don’t?  These are questions we hear all the time as pediatric therapists.  We are so grateful to be asked, because this is a really important topic.  Babies go through many changes as they learn to move from tummy [...]

July 10, 2022|Categories: Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Toe Walking|

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“After eight months with our therapists at Good Beginnings, our daughter walks straight, auditory processing delay is minimized, and she knows all her numbers and letters! The therapists established a unique, most beneficial relationship with our daughter, with an optimal, individualized approach to each and every session.”

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