Sensory Strategies for Teens to Adults

Our OT’s provide evaluation and intervention for ages 13 to 30 to improve sensory tolerance and function in more mature areas such as independence with school (secondary and post-secondary), internships, employment, and in the professional world.  The main areas supported include: 

– Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)

– Independent Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s)

– Socialization and Leisure

– Motor Skills to support the above


Individuals needing assistance with the following: 

  • coping with sensory information in high school, college, or in the work environment

  • executive functioning tasks, ADL’s, IADL’s for age level

  • living at home as a young adult but wanting to transition to a group living/supported living environment

  • Living in a group living/supported living environment and wanting to transition to more independence 

  • Improved FM skills to pace with job tasks

  • Transitioning from high school –> gap year/community college/distance college (life skills or academic programming)

  • Transitioning to a work environment, starting from high school onward


  • No diagnosis necessary

  • Can be in traditional education, special education, or have completed education

  • Can work in industrial trades, tech related industries, professional settings, healthcare, and more

  • In person and virtual appointments


It is the right time for this program when:

  • your child or young adult is preparing for a life transition

  • school services are fading but support is still needed

  • there is a struggle “putting it all together” to successfully attend school, work, or other programming

  • a burst of executive function skills is required for new expectations (i.e. calendar management, learning how to use transportation services, etc.)

  • a new environment is causing sensory distress