It was so exciting to have real snow this weekend! We hope you rediscovered all the fun ways to enjoy playing in the snow, from building a snowman, to making snow angels, and especially having a snowball fight (using our Snowball Scoops mentioned last week!). Today we want to discuss the other “best” way to play in the snow-sledding down a hill! There is nothing better than hearing the glee in your…..ahem….I mean your child’s voice when zooming fast down that incline.

After being outside yesterday, we realized that not all sleds are created equal. Do you want to go fast? Be able to control your trajectory? Spin out of control but not get hurt?? And then there are other considerations: storage, carrying up the sled up and down the hill, how many children need them, and if you need to ride with your child? And once all of that is considered, how can we be as safe as possible?

We are so excited to share this article with you, as it has more detail than we could ever come up with. Everything from materials design, to shape, frequently asked questions, safety recommendations, and the best rated sleds in each category. Just put on the snow gear and have fun!!,and%20saucers%20are%20the%20top%20performers%20in%20speed.