Favorite Toys Tuesday wants to help you survive these long, cold, COVID constrained winter months with a new treat that will last.  LEGO now makes augmented reality interactive sets!  Today we feature the Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School, targeted for boys and girls age 9+. This 1,474 piece set will take more than a few minutes to assemble, and may even keep your child busy for an entire afternoon! It includes 8 mini-figures for ghost-hunting adventures, and can be used organically for hours of creative play.  It also has has its own dedicated app that provides interactive features such as ghosts to battle and mysteries to solve.  The app is updated frequently so that challenges stay fresh.  The app does require a mobile smartphone to interact, but it should get your kids up and moving; it may even get siblings to work as a team to conquer the Boss Ghost?  We can only hope!