Favorite Toys Tuesday would like to present a toy familiar to everyone and highlight its amazing developmental value-balloons! Did you realize these staples from childhood serve a much larger purpose than just being colorful? Balloons are a fabulous tool to learn how to catch and throw.  They move slower due to being light and filled with air, giving a child more time to anticipate how to move their eyes and body.  They are also wonderful targets for introducing racquet play for the exact same reason.  Balloons can easily be used indoors and outdoors when blown up with regular air.  During the warmer weather, they can be filled with water and used outside for cooling off and sensory play.  Need more ideas?  Click on the link below.  Not sure where to purchase balloons?  Does your child have latex sensitivities?  Most of these activities can also be done with mylar balloons.  You just have to blow them up using a straw.  Just go to amazon, order away, most importantly, have fun!!